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10 ways to earn money

10 Ways for Teens to Make Money Online

10 Ways For Teens To Make Money Online: ‘Make money online‘ is the favorite topic for any one specially for teenagers who always want to look something they love to do and to make some extra cash. Teenagers look for those sources which are easy to do, have adventure and the source where they have to invest little to no money. Thanks to the world of Internet where you can find lots of opportunities and make money online. You can do all this staying at home. See how Chloe makes money online at a young age:

Here are the 10 Ways for Teens to Make Money Online,
With a website/blog

10 Ways for teens to make money online

Setting up a website or blog is the best way to make money online. Register for a hosting account you can also see the guide that I provide on setting up your first money making website with step by step guide. Once you have one, start blogging and bring visitors to your site.
1. Pay Per Click

You run a blog for fun. It could be on any topic you like. Once you have enough visitors in your blog/ website, you can monetize it with pay per click advertisement. You just have to sign up as a publisher and then you have to put the ads on your blog. When a visitor clicks on your ad, you will get an amount of profit, that’s it.

You can put your focus on your blog and let the income grow. This is the best and easy model to make money online not just for teenagers, but for all webmasters. A very popular PPC service is google adsense, and there are lots of them like, Bidvertiser, Yahoo publisher network, Crisp ads etc. Its free to join and earn.
2. Paid/ Sponsored reviews

If you have a blog, you can make big money by writing paid content. You will get an average of $5-$20 per 100-200 words sponsored content. If you have a blog with more traffic and search ranks, you can make even more with every paid reviews. This is more advanced way to earn money online and better than PPC.

There are different paid review sites like one of my favorite and still active is Social Spark. It offers a variety of ways of advertisements like paid posts, twitter status and more

3. Affiliate marketing

You can sign up as an affiliate for different companies and services. Just put the affiliate ads on your website and let your visitors sign up under your link. For every successful sales of a product and service or a sign up, you will get a commission. This commission can be different among products. An average commission could be $5-$20 or if the product is more exclusive, you can also make $50-$100 per sales.

One of the most popular affiliate program is Amazon as it sells lots of tangible products, selling tangible products are easier than digital products. Another one you can try for digital products is Share A Sale:

share a sale725x90
4. Sell a service

If you do any other offline jobs, you can use the internet to sell your service. If you are a fashion designer, party organizer, photographer or do music with your band, you can create your own website to market the service in your neighborhood. You market your service online, like shopping for old and disable people, babysitting, lawn cleaning etc. Gig sites like is a cool place to offer your gig.

Teenagers do lots of things offline for earnings, you can use the web to promote it. Add full details of your service, images, jobs you have done before and the rates and see people calling you for help. is a cool site for mini gigs for $5 each
5. Web Re-seller

You can become a web reseller to make some extra cash online. Sign up for a reseller account in any web company and manage your domains. Sell domains and hosting services and make profit. This sure needs some investment, but once you know the game, you will make big profits.

Before you start this business, make sure you know about websites, webmasters, domains and everything or else you will be a teen failure.

Become a Go Daddy Reseller!
6. Ebay auctions

Ebay is the no 1 online market place where buyers and sellers meet together. You can make money with ebay by being their affiliate. You can also make money by selling your stuffs online. Lots of people make money online with ebay auctions. Signing for an ebay auctions account is free but you need some money to put your things on auctions.

You need good and unusual things to sell on ebay, need to have a credit card, a paypal account and a service to ship your products. Ebay auctions could be harder to understand and to make profit, but it works and many teenagers are making serious money by selling their old stuffs.
7. Sell a status

Most of the teenagers today are heavily involved in social media like facebook, digg, stumble upon and in my space. If you are a power user in any of the social platforms, that means you are having a great asset. Power user means, you have lots of friends and fans, big authority, your submitted content gets lots of exposure etc.

Social status are useful for bloggers and webmasters. You can take payment to submit content on social sites. Many of the digg power users take $300-$500 per submission. You can also sell your profile to another user to make a big money. You can also use fiverr for selling these type of services.
8. Take surveys

Before blogging, PPC, paid posts and affiliate marketing; online surveys were popular. You don’t need a website to take surveys. You just have to complete each survey jobs and get a profit. There are programs which pays you to read and process emails, playing games and shopping. One of the popular survey site is Survey Savvy where you can earn for your opinion:

survey savvy banner
9. Web designer

Lots of the people today are entering into web business and they want a good looking website. You can make a living by designing websites for people if you have lots of creativity and some web designing skills. Use odesk for getting web design contracts. It’s a big marketplace for getting tons of work and making lots of money online.

People are looking forward for teenagers to design their web because teenagers are more creative and the site is also designed for teen audience. Sometimes you may also have a permanent job to maintain a website. This is a nice way for teens to earn money online. You can use your creative skills for logo design work, such site you can try is 99Designs:

10. Entertainment

You can record your podcast with technology tips and can spread this to people online. You can also record a video of your music band or even your own tips about iphone. Give these podcasts/ audio and videos for free and people will like to get more from you.
You can also sell cd’s and dvd’s. You can get paid for your offerings. There are many online video and audio sharing websites who pays for your content.
11. Twitter for making money

There are many ways you can make money using twitter. Teenagers use social media and twitter. You can build a lot of followers and then sell sponsored twitter updates. Such website of interest is Sponsored Tweets:

Sponsored Tweets
12. What more for teens?

Actually there is no limit of the opportunities for teens to make money online. There are direct ad sales, there are MLM’s you can run online, there are forums that pay, you can write novels, you can get paid for your content like photos, videos and music, you can also invest online and many more.
Ask me a question to know more on this topic.

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