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oDesk Tutorial
What is Freelancing:
Freedom work or working for your self is called Freelancing. Quit my job and work for myself is called Freelancing.

Top most reason for Freelance work:
01. You can work in your own schedule.
02. You can work from your own Home.
03. You do not go outside for freelance work.
04. You do not go to office.
05. You do not have a boss of over you.

Necessary Thinks to Freelance job:
First of all you need a Computer with internet connection.You need to know how to use computer and how to browse internet.If you know about computer and internet then you finished your 70% work.

Freelancing marketplace: In the internet there are a lots of websites to give you opportunity to work, its called freelance marketplace .There are lots of marketplace,such as

01. www.freelancer.com

02. www.odesk.com

03. www.ScripLance.com

04. www.RentACoder.com

05. www.joomlancers.com

OK guys now I am telling you about oDesk marketplace.

What is a oDesk:
oDesk is a freelancing company or global online marketplace. oDesk is a American company founded in 2003 by Greek acceptance, Odysseas, Tsatalos and Stratis karamanlakis. Where Buyer or client and contractor are tow person.Client post job on oDesk and contractor bid this job.

Job Description:

01. Web Development (HTML, CSS, PHP, Mysql, Sql, Javascript, Ajax)
02. Web design (WordPress, Joomla, Drupol )
03. Graphics Design
04. Logo Design
05. Banner Design
06. Software Development
07. SEO
08. SEM
09. Data Entry
10. Facebook like, Page creation, Iframe, Application.
11. Blog writing
12. Article writing
13. Customer support etc

There are two types of job (1) Fixed price Job
(2) Hourly Job

Creating a oDesk account:
Firstly go to the link www.odesk.com and click signup option and fill the all requirement like First name, last name, put a valid email adders, password, confirm password. Then press next and upload a photo it's very important. Make sure that you fill everything with valid and correct information.

Complete Your Profile:
Most of the new freelancer or contractor don't complete there profile on oDesk. If you want to get a job on oDesk, you must complete your profile at-lest 80%+. Make sure that you fill all current categories including portfolio project.Then fill skill, education, employment history, certification etc.Now your profile looking very good and can bid your first oDesk job. Be careful in choosing your objective and hourly rate. Firstly you put your hourly rate in small rate like 2 or 3 $ to getting your first job.

Take some oDesk test:
Take some test to make your profile 100% and looking attractive. There are a lots of test on odesk. As a new contractor you should take oDesk readiness test to get your first job on odesk.In this blog i share you about 23 test answer with odesk readiness test. Just go oDesk test answer page in this blog.If you want download,click here

01. oDesk Video Tutorial Watch
02. oDesk video Tutorial Step by Step Free Download
03. oDesk Test Answer
04. oDesk 23 Test Answer Free Download
05. Freelancing eBook
06. 13 Freelancing Ebook Pakage Free Download
07. oDesk Article Writing 6 eBook free Download
08. Bangla 9 Freelancing eBook Free Download
09. Seo video tutorial for Freelancing job step by step
10. How to create your Profile 100% on oDesk:

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