Friday, July 27, 2012

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How to write an effective blog description and keywords?

Setting keywords and descriptions are some of the important things in blog SEO. Targeting useful keywords and using them on your blog’s description may put your site on top of different search terms and bring targeted search traffic.

At the very beginning, bloggers find it tricky for them what to do and what not? Keywords are easy but what about description? There is some factors work together in search terms. Some bloggers found their site rank higher in search terms within few months. Most of the times these terms are not that popular enough to bring a burst of traffic.

For an example, my first blog has a higher search rank in google for “Bangladesh MLM” and some other related ones. But the fact is I’m not getting hundreds of hits daily for that because it’s not a popular keyword! The thing I learned is that I should look for popular keywords and it’ll take a lot of time and effort to get ranked higher for popular keywords.
Set a blog description under 160 characters

Search engines show up only 160 characters in the search results, so it would be better to keep your description under 160 chars. There are two things that work here, one is the description and the other is Meta description. The first 160 chars will work as your Meta description.


For an example, if you search your blog in google it’ll show the first 160 that it found on the page. So you have to create a special Meta description to ensure maximum exposure. Use your blog’s main keywords in your Meta description. Don’t use your title in it, it’s useless.

“A blog about professional blogging, make money online and creating a better blog. The specialties are in social networking and web design.“
Set keywords

Another important thing for your blog’s SEO are keywords. When I write a new post, I set some keywords for that post. For and example I’ve set google, SEO, search engine etc as the keywords for this post. Google will use these keywords to determine what’s written in this post. This is an easy one but what to do about your blog’s homepage keywords?

The homepage is a tricky one and the contents are always changing. One fine idea is to use your post categories as keywords. Most of the time we try to target keywords that doesn’t belongs to the blog. When I started BlogKori, I tried to target “Bangladesh.” But it was my mistake because my blog was far away from “Bangladesh” and almost no mention about it (Instead of my location!)
Draw an image of your blog :D

Take a piece of sheet and a pen and draw your blog. Now write down what types of posts you’ve written on it? What posts are getting higher place in search results and what are the keywords that visitors are using? You can take help of google analytics to figure this out. This will help you to know some of the common keywords about your blog.

Keywords will not change your stars!

If you think adding few targeted keyword on a Meta tag will take you up on the popular search terms then you’re wasting your time. Adding few keywords will trigger robots to think that this page is about this. TwiTip is a blog all about twitter and it’ll rank higher is search terms because it has lots of words written about it. There’s nothing special about those Meta tags, your blog’s “every word is a keyword”. If you want to get higher ranking for iphone, then you have to add a lot of articles about iphone.
Homepage SEO optimization is not that important

Blogs are special websites and it has more pages than a usual site. Company websites pay a lot of money to opt their homepage because it’s their only entrance. But with a blog any page can outrank thousands of other websites or even your own homepage. I remember when I had my first blog,, one of its post about “reverse ad strategy” had Page rank 4, but the actual homepage was still a PR 3.
Keep the changes for longer

As you have your blog’s control, you can change the blog’s title, description, and keywords 10 times a day! It’s a bad thing for SEO because it’ll hurt your rank. All of your posts are being checked regularly by google. Each post get’s a position but when there’s a change in the post, google re-organizes the will index to fit with the updated version. Now when google will do it, another new site may take your position and throw you in the bottom of the results page. Don’t do these mistakes what I did before, make changes and leave them for another 6-12 months.


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